Badger Mutual Insurance Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Project Overview

One of the most civic minded and active companies in Wisconsin, Badger Mutual Insurance Company was growing out of their National avenue office building where they have operated in Milwaukee for the last 70 years. Do they rebuild in the suburbs or do they renovate their art deco main office?The building was part of the Badger image and their presence in the local community gave the whole area strength. They decided to stay and embark on a 3½ year $5,000,000 restoration and renovation.The renovation included every square foot of the facility and the focus was on productivity, ability for internal growth and employee comfort. The architectural integrity was kept and the spirit of the art deco building embellished on the inside while being upgraded with state-of-the-art systems for communication, production, security and comfort.Two of the most visible upgrades are the completely remodeled lobby and first floor which express the class and significance of the occupant while being totally sympathetic with the tradition and architecture of the building.